An introduction to Béruges     


Beruges is sometimes called a "little Switzerland in Poitou“. It is an exceptionally wooded area, next to Poitiers city.  It is part of  “Gâtine“: a landscape composed of farmlands, criss-crossed with hedges and trees, extending to Deux Sèvres area.

Beruges is an oasis of quietness in an ocean of green, sitting on a rocky spur     surrounded by the Boivre and the Coudre rivers.

 Its landscape is varied; a slightly undulating plateau covers the largest part of the area. It is gashed with shallow valleys the sides of which are perfect for rock climbing.boivre ptt.JPG

La Boivre, the beaver river“ as the Gauls used to  name it, is a first category river where a lot of species can be found : trouts, pikes, sticklebacks ... in short, it is a paradise for anglers.

Several marked routes for hiking and biking allow visitors to enjoy the picturesque scenery.

Beruges history is quite ancient. It dates back over 2500 years and the remnants of this past are still overwhelming :

 Roman ruins, XIIth century tower and abbey, etc.

 A small but surprisingly rich museum will help tourists in their discovery.

Today, a lot of clubs and societies reveal the vitality of a young population rooted in its country.

Thanks to pleasantly shaded country roads, one can easily reach Poitiers city centre, Biard airport, the A10 motorway, the RN 10 and 11 highways, all within a 10 minutes' drive. The Futuroscope is within reach in no more than 20 minutes.


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